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    Vita Beer Garden – the first glorious beer garden restaurant in Binh Duong, consists of 2 areas indoors and outdoors with a total area is​nearly 1000 m2. The outdoor area with green garden space is where customers can enjoy the fresh air, and panoramic view Becamex City Center and Thu Dau Mot City at night. The area inside is for customers who love to harmonize with the music and the separated area is for groups who need their own space. Especially there is the white bungalow outside, with luxury and sophistication design.

    Vita Beer Garden not only focus on exterior design, but also the interior design and audio equipment - modern light system to bring out the memorial moment and music.

    If you love to be entertained, you desire to experience the classy and romantic space for friends gatherings, birthday parties, partner meetings, or simply just to enjoy the favorite beer, then Vita Beer Garden is a perfect fit for you.

    Add: Floor 4, Becamex Tower, 230 Binh Duong Avenue, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong,

    Tel0901 690 099